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Aggressive Workers' Compensation Attorney Palm Beach CountyAggressive Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Palm Beach County, FL 

When working conditions are inadequate or otherwise unsafe, people tend to get hurt or are made ill while they are on the job. As a result, the federal government insists that workplaces remain subject to certain safety regulations designed to keep American workers as safe as is reasonably possible. Unfortunately, some employers choose to ignore these regulations or are simply not steadfast in upholding their terms. As a result, far too many preventable accidents occur in U.S. workplaces on an annual basis. Thankfully, workers who are injured or made ill on the job do not have to navigate the aftermath of an accident or toxic exposure alone. An aggressive workers’ compensation attorney in Palm Beach County, FL can help workers to obtain any benefits they may be entitled to and can help them to protect themselves and their fellow workers moving forward by assisting them in filing an anonymous report with OSHA.

OSHA – The Basics

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. It is tasked with both setting and enforcing standards related to the health and safety of the American workforce. As a means of achieving this end, OSHA accepts anonymous requests to inspect unsafe workspaces. A worker may also choose to submit a general complaint either under his or her own name or anonymously. An experienced and aggressive workers’ compensation attorney in Palm Beach County, FL can help workers to submit this important information to OSHA if that worker believes that his or her workspace remains unsafe. Some accidents do just “happen.” But most of the time, accidents can be prevented if everyone involved is committed to safety. Workers have a right to speak up (anonymously, if they so choose) when their employers refuse to honor this commitment.

Workers’ Compensation Assistance Is Available

If you have recently been injured or made ill while on the job, please do not hesitate to connect with an aggressive workers’ compensation attorney in Palm Beach County, FL today. Why is it important to have an aggressive attorney? Workers’ compensation claims can be complex in nature and not every insurance provider is interested in paying injured and ill workers the full benefits to which they are entitled. The legal team at Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt takes an aggressive approach when necessary because we believe that injured and ill workers should not be forced to wait an unnecessary amount of time before they receive their full benefits. We also believe that workers are entitled to safe working conditions, so we are happy to help workers anonymously voice their concerns and request inspections from OSHA. If you have been hurt or made ill on the job, please contact an aggressive workers’ compensation attorney in Palm Beach County, Florida now. Making a bit of proactive effort to secure legal guidance now may save you considerable stress down the road. 

Client Review

“My attorney from Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt, Eric Lakind, returned my calls when I had a question or an issue. Lisa and Kim regularly communicate through emails and telephone to ensure that my injury is being taken care of and insuring that the workers compensation company is doing what they are supposed to be doing.”
Ricky Jordan
Client Review