Workers Compensation Attorney Palm Beach County

Workers Compensation Attorney Palm Beach County

Franks & Koenig Lawyers & StaffIf you got hurt at work, you may wonder if it’s worth it to hire a workers compensation attorney Palm Beach County offers. Unless your injury is very minor, and your employer admits you were indeed hurt at work, it may be necessary to work with a workers compensation attorney. With representation, the legal process could be much smoother, and you may feel that you have someone to lean on for support. Here are a few situations where it could be vital to hire an experienced attorney:

Your Injury Prevents You from Performing Your Job

If the injury you received at work is so severe that it hinders you from doing your job, you may want to consult a workers compensation attorney in Palm Beach County. Because you can no longer work, you may be entitled to lifetime payments to help you support yourself. An experienced workers compensation attorney Palm Beach County residents trust has the skills to convince the court that you deserve compensation for your permanent injuries.

Your Employer Isn’t Treating You Fairly

Unfortunately, some employers react negatively when their workers file workers compensation claims, and treat them poorly. If your boss has cut your hours, demoted you, or is treating you unfairly, it may be time to contact a Palm Beach County workers compensation attorney. An attorney may help you prevent your employer from retaliating against you.

Your Workers Compensation Claim Gets Denied

Most employers will try to find a reason to deny a workers compensation claim. If your employer has denied your claim, you don’t have to give up. A workers compensation attorney Palm Beach County provides may be able to appeal your case. After a thorough review your case, he or she may convince the court that your claim is valid.

How Can a Workers Compensation Lawyer Help Me?

A reputable workers compensation attorney Palm Beach County employees hire may benefit your case in many ways. A lawyer does more than help you fill out long and complicated paperwork — he or she may also obtain medical evidence that proves the severity of your injury, and use this information to estimate the financial worth of your injury. If the insurance company is trying to offer compensation that is too low, your lawyer may fight them in court to help you receive the money you deserve.

How Much Will a Workers Compensation Attorney Cost?

Many workers compensation attorneys use a contingency fee, or hourly fees. If your attorney works on a contingency basis, he or she may take a percentage of the compensation you are rewarded as a legal fee. If you don’t receive any money, you aren’t responsible for paying your lawyer any fees.

If your attorney asks for an hourly fee, he or she may bill for every hour of work, whether you win your case or not. Before you hire a workers compensation attorney Palm Beach County has to offer, be sure you know details about the fees that you may owe when your case is over.

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