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If you have suffered a back injury while at work, then you need the help of one of the best back injury lawyers Palm Beach County has to offer. Back injuries are serious and can have lifelong repercussions that can greatly decrease your ability lead a happy, active lifestyle. This can prevent you from enjoying many activities and performing many tasks that you may need in order to survive or earn a living. As such, you may need compensation in order to allow you to manage and cope with the repercussions of your back injury. To make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve to allow this, you need the help of the most reliable back injury lawyers Palm Beach County can provide.

What Causes Back Injuries and What Do They Entail?

Back Injury Workers' Comp Lawyers Palm Beach County

Back injuries are one of the most common types of injuries and can be caused by many types of work activities or accidents including, but not limited to delivery truck accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls, and lifting injuries. Back injuries often result in damage to the spine and can be diagnosed after obtaining an MRI or other diagnostic study. Once seen on film, the doctors will be able to better classify the damage, usually described as herniated or extruded discs, bulging discs, fractured vertebrae, sprains or strains.

Back and spine injuries often result in either localized pain (in one area) or with a shooting pain that travels down the arms or legs resulting in pins and needles or a tingling sensation. Often, the hands and feet go numb or experience an electrical sensation. Even getting out of bed can be a daily struggle when suffering from a back injury. Driving to work and performing as expected is almost impossible and working on heavy pain medication can result in further accident or injury to the employee or injure others.

Learn more about these back injuries:

  • Lower Back (Lumbar);
  • Mid Back (Thoracic);
  • Upper Back (Cervical);
  • Fracture of the Lumbar Spine; and
  • Herniated Disc.

More than 250,000 Americans are living with a spinal cord Injury. Spinal cord Injuries are the most demoralizing and complicated injuries to suffer for the victims and their families.

While spinal cord injuries are essentially irreversible, there are many medical procedures available to decrease pain and remove aggravating factors. However, these cost money.

How Can Back Injuries Impact Your Life?

Back injuries can cause you a lot of pain and suffering and make it difficult and painful to perform various activities. In some cases, a back injury may prevent you from leading an active lifestyle and enjoying certain types of exercise or recreational activities. In other cases, however, back injuries can have more serious repercussions.

Sometimes back injuries can make it painful, difficult or even impossible for those afflicted to perform basic everyday tasks such as showering, driving, carrying groceries and walking medium distances. This can not only greatly diminish one’s quality of life, but can lead to lost jobs and wages as well as increased costs of transport and home renovation.

These losses and costs are of course all in addition to the major medical costs that back injury victims face not only for the initial medical treatment of their back injury but for ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, physical therapy and possibly surgery to treat resultant conditions and damage

How Can Qualified Palm Beach County Back Injury Lawyers Help You?

As back injury lawyers Palm Beach County clients have trusted for decades, we know how to help our clients to recover what they need in order to compensate their losses and costs and live a comfortable life. We can help you pursue litigation against those responsible for your back injury or to negotiate an out of court settlement with them.

We will help you in pursuit of a recovery that is sufficient to cover your medical costs, compensate your pain and suffering and diminished quality of life, and allow for lifestyle adjustments to accommodate your injury. Many of these costs or losses may be unknown to you know, but as some of the most experienced back injury lawyers in Palm Beach County, we know what you can expect and what you are entitled to legally. We want to help you fight for that.

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