Aggressive Workers Compensation Attorney Palm Beach Gardens

Aggressive Workers Compensation Attorney Palm Beach Gardens

Aggressive Workers Compensation Attorney Palm Beach Gardens

As an aggressive workers compensation attorney in Palm Beach Gardens at Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt has seen many times before, upon receiving notice about an accident which led to an employee injury, not all companies will respond with support. In fact, some may try to discourage the employee from applying for benefits or intentionally mishandle the claim in hopes of getting it denied.

When an injury happens in the workplace, a worker may be apprehensive to notify their employer out of fear of retaliation. An employee may wait to tell their employer about the injury until a later time, when they realize that it cannot get better on its own. Unfortunately, by not reporting the incident promptly it can complicate the process of applying for and using workers’ compensation benefits. 

Here at Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt, our aggressive workers compensation attorneys in Florida don’t back down easily. We can help fight against employers who are not acting with a moral compass.

Am I out of luck if my employer denies my claim?

Not necessarily. It can be devastating to find out that your claim was denied, but this doesn’t mean you have no chance at an appeal. With help from a FL aggressive workers compensation attorney in Palm Beach Gardens, you can find out how to submit an appeal in hopes of getting the compensation needed to recover. Keep in mind that your employer can deny the claim if they believe any of the following were elements of the accident: 

  • You were under the influence of alcohol or other drugs when the accident happened
  • You had gotten into a fight with a coworker or other person on the workplace grounds which led to the injury
  • You had intentionally injured yourself as a way to get money from workers’ compensation benefits 
  • The injury didn’t actually happen on company time and/or property

What are the signs that my employer has retaliated against me? 

Let’s say you were approved to receive workers’ compensation benefits for a workplace injury. What this means is that your employer may lose money to cover your expenses, and may become hostile or retaliate in some way against you. If your employer has suddenly treated you differently since applying for benefits, then it may be time to get legal representation from a Palm Beach Gardens aggressive workers compensation attorney before the matter can escalate. Here are just a few signs that your employer may have retaliated against you: 

  • You have been removed from your normal duties, received a pay decrease, and/or were transferred to another department (otherwise referred to as a “demotion”)
  • You have been fired with or without reason, but you were let go very close in time-frame to when you applied for or were approved for benefits
  • You have experienced threats or other verbal harassment
  • You suspect that your employer is intentionally preventing you from receiving promotions due to using workers’ comp benefits

What should I do if I think my claim wasn’t handled correctly?

If you feel as though your employer may be violating your rights through wrongful termination or other unlawful acts because of pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, then obtaining legal representation is highly recommended. If your employer hasn’t handled your claim with respect and has been against you ever since the workplace accident happened, then it can help to protect yourself by getting legal intervention and counsel. 

Please contact us without delay to speak with an aggressive workers compensation attorney in Palm Beach Gardens in FL at Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt about your case.