Best Workers Compensation Lawyer Palm Beach County

Best Workers Compensation Lawyer Palm Beach County

Best Workers Compensation Lawyer Palm Beach CountyThe best workers compensation lawyer Palm Beach County has to offer at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt knows that for many employees, their rights are not respected after a workplace injury accident. Workers compensation rights are not often well understood, that is, until a worker gets injured and seeks help from a reputable lawyer such as the ones at our law firm. If you suffered from a workplace injury or illness, it is important that you know you have the right to utilize your employer’s workers compensation program if they offer these benefits.

We are happy to review your case during a brief initial consultation at no cost to you, so there is nothing to lose by contacting our office today for some advice. If you have a suspicion that your employer is not handling your injury claim responsibly, then we strongly urge you to reach out to us today for more information. 

Signs Your Employer Is Being Reckless

If your employer was partially at-fault for why the injury accident occurred, or is prioritizing saving the company money over taking care of you during this time, then they may be violating your rights. Here we have discuss further the signs that your employer is being reckless in regards to your workers compensation claim, and seeking immediate legal counsel from the best Palm Beach County workers compensation lawyer is highly recommended: 

You Have Not Been Given Claim Forms

After an accident happens in the workplace, injured workers must report the incident promptly (ideally, the very same day). Within 24 hours of your employer being notified of the accident, they are required to give the injured employee claim forms and documentation that notifies them of their workers compensation rights. An employer who fails to respond timely and in this manner, is an indicator that the workers’ rights are being violated. 

You Have Been Treated Unfairly

By law, employees are protected against retaliator behavior initiated by an employer. In other words, if you have been treated unfairly after reporting an injury accident or filing for compensation, then your employer may be discriminating against you. Examples of retaliatory actions include:

  • Having your wages or hours reduced
  • Being reassigned to a position that is of lesser value
  • Being terminated unfairly
  • Being discouraged from seeking promotional opportunities

Please note that if you were terminated shortly after filing a workers compensation claim, your employer may have attempted to make other excuses for why you were let go. Employers can be strategic in how they let an employee go. An employer may cover their tracks and state that something you did aside from the claim is the reason for your termination. If you have been written up for reasons that are not true, this may be a sign that your employer is starting to build a wrongful file against you so they can ultimately let you go. 

If you need help after being hurt at work, please contact the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt right away to get the support you need from the best Palm Beach County lawyer for workers’ compensation.