Broward County Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

Broward County Work Injury Compensation Lawyer Broward County Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

Contacting our Broward County work injury compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt, should be one of your first steps to take after a workplace accident. Chances are, you will require medical care and workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation can undoubtedly benefit those who have been injured; however, it may be helpful to have a lawyer working with you to assist in maximizing the benefits that are available to you. If your accident involved a third party who failed to uphold their duty of care, and damages resulted, you may be able to take legal action while also accepting workers’ compensation. Our team knows that this can be a troubling time, and we are standing by ready to help you resolve your case promptly. 

Reasons Seeking Medical Care is Critical

When a victim experiences an accident, medical care will be essential to ensuring that your injuries are treated. However, when you have been injured on the job, medical care is critical to your workers’ compensation case. Here are some key reasons to seek medical attention after a work-related injury: 

Taking Care of Yourself

Our work injury compensation lawyer in Broward County shares that one of the primary reasons to seek medical care is to receive the proper treatment for the injuries that you have suffered. Be aware that failing to obtain medical attention could have devastating results, impacting not only your possible claim but also leaving a severe impact on your health. When underlying medical injuries are not diagnosed and treated, you could be facing more severe injuries, even death. Additionally, when you seek medical treatment, you should always tell your doctor that you need treatment for a work-related accident. 

Protecting Your Claim

Regardless of whether you are seeking workers’ compensation, pursuing a third party claim, or both, medical care will play a key role in protecting the benefits and compensation that you may be entitled to. Medical care ties the injury you have suffered to the accident that you were in. 

Even if you aren’t sure whether you are injured, we recommend that you see a doctor to make sure that you do not have injuries that you are unaware of. This can make all the difference in protecting yourself and your case.  

Third-Party Claims

In most cases, once you have accepted workers’ compensation, you have waived your right to take legal action against your employer. However, if there was a third party whose negligence contributed to your accident, you may be able to pursue damages for your losses. A third party is someone other than your employer who caused your injuries. Be aware that workers’ compensation doesn’t cover all of your losses, so if there is a third party who can be held accountable, pursuing a claim may be in your best interest. To take action, you will need to prove that:

  1. The third party had a duty of care to you
  2. There was a breach in the duty of care
  3. You suffered damages
  4. Your damages were the result of the work-related accident you were in

The Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt is prepared to help you take action if you need compensation following a work-related injury. While it can be in your best interest to seek workers’ compensation benefits, we know that the process can sometimes be far less than straightforward. We want to protect your rights by ensuring that you are compensated for the losses you are facing. Schedule a consultation with our Broward County, Florida, work injury compensation lawyer to get started.