Construction Accident Attorney Fort Pierce

Construction Accident Attorney Fort Pierce

3 Common Causes of Fall Injuries on Construction Sites

Fort Lauderdale Work Injury LawyerInjuries due to falls on construction sites are one common reason for individuals to seek out a construction accident attorney Fort Pierce residents trust. Many things can go wrong on a construction site that can lead to injury, or even death, so it’s important to be careful at work, and to seek legal action when necessary. If you fall at work on a construction site due to one of the following causes, you may have a case. Look to a construction accident attorney Fort Pierce is proud to have fighting for its community.

Misuse of Ladders

Ladders are an important tool on a construction site and should be treated as such. If the ladders aren’t inspected on a regular basis and taken care of, they could fail when someone is on them. Additionally, when using a ladder, it should be placed so that it is sturdy, and extends three feet or more above the landing. Part of the responsibility falls on you as the worker, and part on the employer who should provide solid equipment.

If you are injured on the job due to a broken ladder, you may have a case against your employer that a construction accident attorney in Fort Pierce may help you navigate.

Unmarked and Unprotected Openings and Holes

Wall openings, unprotected sides, and holes in the ground or floor are usually unavoidable on a construction site, but they should be properly marked. In many cases, protective devices such as safety nets and guardrails should be installed to make sure workers are safe. Any construction accident attorney Fort Pierce has to offer may tell you openings or large holes should be marked clearly so workers can easily identify and watch out for hazards.

Poor Scaffold Construction

Scaffolds are constructed to meet minimum safety requirements to make sure they won’t fail when they are in use. Once the scaffolds are at the job site, they must be constructed properly, with the help of the manufacturer’s directions, to make sure they are stable and safe for workers. Any open sides or ends should have guardrails, and the scaffold should not shake or wobble.

A scaffold that isn’t installed properly could cause you to fall off the sides or ends, or even collapse underneath you while you are working. This is a danger that workers need to be aware of. If you’re injured due to a scaffold, you should turn to a top construction accident attorney Fort Pierce has to offer to make sure your case is handled adequately from the start.

A Fort Pierce construction accident attorney is waiting to take your case if you’ve been injured at work. We understand that this injury threatens your livelihood and your family, so you can rest easy knowing that we can take your case seriously and offer fair representation. At Franks, Koenig and Neuwelt, you can consult an experienced construction accident attorney Fort Pierce residents trust, so call us today at (561) 600-4024 for your free case evaluation.

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