Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Delray Beach

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Delray Beach

Delray Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You don’t plan to get hurt at work, but when a workplace accident happens to you or a loved one, call an experienced Delray workers’ compensation lawyer.

Delray FL work injury compensation lawyerInjuries at the workplace happen on an almost daily basis. If you are hurt at work, there are three important acts to take to protect your ability to file a workers’ compensation claim:

  1. Report the injury to a boss or supervisor
  2. Seek immediate medical attention; and
  3. Contact a work injury lawyer as soon as possible.

When dealing with the workers’ compensation insurance company, you can bet on them doing everything they can to shut down your case and limit medical care or lost wage benefits to which you may be entitled to under the law.

Remember, the money that work comp insurance companies should be paying to doctors, pharmacies, laboratories and diagnostic centers on your behalf could be money that they earn interest on if they can find a way to not pay. When it comes to finding these loopholes, they will attack your case by looking to see if an injured worker has reported the accident and what, if any, medical care has been sought at the time of the accident.

Delray Beach Work Injury Lawyers That Care

A Delray work injury compensation lawyer knows that the reporting of an accident is an essential requirement in pursuing a workers’ compensation claim. If an injured worker contacts us within a certain period after the injury, the work injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt can help report the injury directly to the carrier or help you in finding the right way for you to report your injury directly to your employer. Failure to timely report could cost you your claim. Do not delay when it comes time to report the accident.

Don’t Hesitate, Contact Our Delray Beach Workers Comp Lawyers

When it comes to medical care, your Delray workers’ compensation attorney will tell you that the earlier you treat the better for your case. Insurance companies are hard pressed to deny a case when there is a hospital, emergency room or doctor’s note showing that on the day, or day or two after, the accident you went to seek care, gave a history of a workplace accident and made complaints of pain or problems that you relate to the accident. Properly documenting your accident and injuries assist your work injury lawyer in obtaining medical care and lost wage benefits.

Now that you have the tools to proceed with your workers’ compensation claim, do not delay. Report your accident, seek medical care and call an experienced Delray workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt.

Delray Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer
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