Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney West Palm Beach

Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney West Palm Beach Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney West Palm Beach

An experienced workers compensation attorney West Palm Beach victims recommend wants you to know there is much involved in a work-related accident. While you may have accepted workers compensation benefits, they may not cover the entirety of your damages. Many accident victims may not realize that they may have the ability to file a claim against any liable third party that contributed to the accident. With so much on your plate, managing both workers compensation and third party claims can be a lot to handle, not to mention the legal complexities that may ensue. It’s necessary to have a team of lawyers from the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt in your corner to support you.

Workers Compensation

In Florida, workers compensation is an insurance benefit available to employees who sustain injuries at work. Workers compensation benefits can provide employees with benefits that include medical coverage, compensation for a portion of lost wages, disability benefits, job retraining, and more. All employers are required to have this form of insurance, so it is difficult to sue an employer when workers compensation benefits are available. This is a way of protecting employers from financial ruin and ensuring that injured workers receive the assistance they need. Be aware that sometimes, workers compensation does not always cover the extent of damages that have been sustained. However, suppose there is a third party who can be held responsible for an accident. In that case, you may be able to pursue a legal claim against them for your damages with our experienced West Palm Beach workers compensation attorney. 

Understanding Third-Party Liability

Taking action against a third party may be an option if their negligence caused the accident. To do so, the third party should be unrelated to your employer. There is a range of third parties that may have been involved, for example:

  • Manufacturer of a Defective Product
  • General Contractors
  • At-Fault Drivers 
  • Property Owners

Know that pursuing a third-party claim is a process separate from your workers compensation case. The ability to access workers compensation benefits does not require that you prove negligence on your employer’s part. When pursuing a claim against a third party, the plaintiff will be responsible for proving the following:

  • A Duty of Care was Owed
  • There was a Breach in the Duty of Care
  • The Victim Was Injured 
  • The Accident Caused the Injuries

The process of pursuing a third-party claim will require a lawyer who can review your case and determine whether all of the elements to personal injury are present. They will then be able to assign value to the case based on the damages that have incurred. For the best possible outcome, it will be necessary to produce evidence that supports your need for compensation and helps to prove negligence. We can assist in gathering evidence that might include:

  • Your Account of the Accident
  • Photographs/Videos
  • Medical Documentation
  • Accident Reports
  • Proof of Lost Wages

The Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt is prepared to assist you during a time where you are facing so much that is unknown. It should come as no surprise that managing two cases at once, all while working towards recovery, is entirely overwhelming. Our team can provide accident victims with the guidance, support, and experience necessary for your case. To learn more about our level of skill and the resources we are prepared to contribute to your situation, contact our experienced West Palm Beach, Florida workers compensation attorney as soon as possible.