Fort Pierce Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

Fort Pierce Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

Fort Pierce Work Injury Compensation LawyerA Fort Pierce work injury compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt knows that as an injured worker, this may be a very stressful time for you. You may be overwhelmed with medical bills, appointments, and pressure from your employer, all the while trying to heal from your injuries. However, when you have a legal professional to help guide you through the steps of filing a workers compensation claim, the process will probably feel much less daunting.

If you are a worker who was injured or have a loved one who was recently hurt while at work, then we strongly encourage you to contact us for immediate assistance. 

Why You Should File For Workers Comp

When you get hurt while on the job, you may have the option to file a claim under workers compensation with your employer. Perhaps you are asking yourself whether it is worth the time and energy to file such a claim at all. As a lawyer from our team may tell you, there are several reasons to file a claim for workers compensation. The biggest one being that you should not have to spend money out of your own pocket for a workplace injury that was caused due to no fault of your own.

If your employer has a workers compensation program, then this will function as an insurance policy. Meaning, you are entitled legally to receive certain types of benefits as an injured worker. It is easier than you may think to file a claim based on injuries accrued while on the job.

Getting Medical Treatment The Same Day

As a work injury compensation lawyer in Fort Pierce may advise you to do when speaking over the phone, your first step should be to get medical care as soon as possible after the injury incident. The longer you wait to get medical care and report the injury event to your employer, the increased likelihood that they may doubt your claim. Going to the doctor the same day, taking photographs of the accident and your injuries, and filing a report shortly thereafter is much less refutable than if you were to wait days or weeks to submit a claim. And, you may only have a specific period of time to file until you are no longer eligible for benefits. So all in all, acting quickly and with your best interests is recommended.

If you can, we suggest gathering the follow types of evidence after the accident:

  • Photographs of what caused your injury, such as faulty machinery, a broken stair step, wet floor, torn protective equipment, etc. 
  • Statement from a trusted coworker who saw your injury accident take place. 
  • A copy of your medical exam from the treating physician regarding the type and severity of your injuries. 

A compensation lawyer for Fort Pierce work injury at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt is prepared and waiting if you need help with a workers compensation claim, so please call today.