Herniated Disc – Workers Compensation Lawyers Palm Beach

Herniated Disc – Workers Compensation Lawyers Palm Beach

Injuries are the most common cause of herniated disc injuries. Disc herniation can result from blunt force trauma or repetitive trauma injuries and include a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall accident, or even lifting something heavy. The injuries don’t have to be major injuries; it is possible for small injuries to build up over time leading to a herniated disc. Many a herniation may result from jobs that require heavy or repetitive lifting. Spinal injuries located in the low back are often associated with lifting from the floor to waist and neck injuries can occur from awkward positioning such as looking up or at odd angles. However, spinal injuries can result from inactivity as well. A person who has a desk job and sits for most of the day can obtain a spine injury due to lack of movement.

Herniated Disk- Workers Compensation Lawyers Palm BeachEach disc of the spine is designed with a shock absorber and appears similarly to a jelly donut. As the disc is injured, the softer central portion (jelly) can rupture through the surrounding outer ring (donut). This rupture of the central portion of the disc and the movement of the disc material into the spinal canal is referred to as a disc herniation. The most common location for a herniated disc to occur in the back is in the lowest vertebrae levels in the low back. This area is constantly absorbing the impact of the weight of the upper body.

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