Jupiter Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

Jupiter Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

Jupiter Work Injury Compensation LawyerIf you have a pre-existing injury that has been made worse by your job-related duties, it’s time to connect with an experienced Jupiter work injury compensation lawyer so that you can explore your legal options. This is one of those scenarios in which you shouldn’t file a workers’ compensation request before speaking with the experienced Florida legal team at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt. Too often, pre-existing injury claims that have been exacerbated by work-related activities are denied or underpaid because the injuries themselves didn’t originate on the job. Our firm’s experienced team of Jupiter work injury compensation lawyers understands how to prepare these claims in ways that allow them the greatest possible opportunities for success.

When Pre-Existing Injuries Are Made Worse “On the Job”

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. Meaning that it almost never matters (for the purposes of being awarded rightful compensation) whether the accident or set of circumstances leading to a worker’s injury was that worker’s fault or not. Most of the time, as long as a worker isn’t drunk, intentionally placing themselves in a position to get hurt, or starting an altercation, as long as the worker’s injury was caused while they were performing work-related duties, they are entitled to benefits.

However, workers’ compensation claims “get tricky” when a worker’s injury was pre-existing and made worse by work-related duties. This type of scenario often involves back pain, repetitive trauma, hearing loss, and other injuries that can be made worse simply by engaging in one’s ordinary duties. The law certainly allows for workers to be awarded workers’ compensation benefits under these circumstances. It just tends to be harder to prove that it was one’s job-related duties that exacerbated an existing injury than it is to point to an accident and say, “this and this alone caused by a medical condition.”

Thankfully, our firm has extensive experience helping workers file for workers’ compensation benefits under these circumstances. We know how to negotiate with insurance claims adjusters to better ensure that injured (or ill) workers are given the full amount of benefits that they are owed, regardless of whether their medical condition originated elsewhere or on the job. As long as you are injured while working – whether the injury is novel or was pre-existing and made worse by your occupation – and you’re eligible for benefits, we will do our utmost to see that you are awarded the benefits that are rightfully yours.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet scheduled a consultation with our firm to discuss your workers’ compensation situation, please do so now. Once we understand the details surrounding your original injury and the ways in which your work-related duties exacerbated that injury, we’ll be able to advise you and assist you with your claim. Our personal in The Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt looks forward to working with you.