Palm Beach Gardens Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Palm Beach Gardens Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Palm Beach Gardens Workers' Compensation LawyerIf you were injured while on the job, then we strongly encourage you to speak with a Palm Beach Gardens workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt for help. You may be wondering whether you are eligible for benefits under your employer’s workers compensation program. You may not be sure whether the amount you were approved for will actually cover all your expenses long-term. Or, maybe you were denied benefits entirely and suspect that you were wrongfully denied. For any problem that you may encounter as your workers compensation claim is being handled, we advise contacting our law firm right away for assistance. 

How a Workplace Accident Impacts Victims

As the victim of a workplace accident, you may be dealing with many stressors all at once. For example, your employer may have started to treat you differently in an adverse way since filing a workers comp caim, your injuries may be very painful and uncomfortable, and you may have coworkers looking at you as if you are lying and taking advantage of the system. Unfortunately, despite workers comp programs being designed to help injured workers, there are so many ways that an employee may be impacted in their professional and personal life.

If one or more of these applies to your current situation, then please call us immediately for guidance on what actions to take next. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens can protect your best interests during this time.

  • Your employer has demoted you, reduced your pay, or transferred you to a less desired department. 
  • Your employer has fired you. 
  • Your employer has caused your working environment to be hostile, such as pinning coworkers against you.
  • Your employer has made threats or yelled at you. 
  • Your employer turned in your claim late, failed to turn it in entirely, or otherwise mishandled your claim in some way, which led to a problem with your claim being processed or approved. 
  • Your employer has discouraged you from applying for promotional opportunities in the workplace. 
  • The amount you were approved for does thoroughly not cover your medical expenses.
  • The work-assigned doctor provided by your employer has minimized the severity of your injuries, stated you are ready to work before you have completely healed, and/or shown other bias to benefit your employer. 
  • You were not provided with workers compensation information or the opportunity to file a claim after reporting the workplace injury accident to your employer. 

Call the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt Now

Do not wait another day having your workers comp claim mishandled by your employer. Your employer may be violating your rights by treating you differently since pursuing a claim, and just know that there are compassionate and strategic legal professionals, such as the ones at our office, who will have your best interest in mind. Call a Palm Beach Gardens lawyer for workers’ compensation at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt today for more information.