West Palm Beach Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

West Palm Beach Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

West Palm Beach Work Injury Compensation LawyerIf you were injured at work, you may wonder if it is necessary to hire a West Palm Beach work injury compensation lawyer. While simple workers’ compensation claims typically don’t require legal assistance, more complicated situations benefit from a lawyer. Here are several situations that call for a lawyer’s assistance.

Your Employer Denied Your Claim

Believe it or not, employers often deny workers’ compensation claims for various reasons. They might think that you were not actually hurt at work or were at fault of the accident, for example. If your employer denied your claim, it does not mean it is over. You can hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you file an appeal. He or she can make sure you include the correct information in your paperwork and improve your chances of getting your workers’ compensation claim approved the second time around.

Your Settlement Offer Is Too Low

Just because you get your workers’ compensation claim approved, does not mean the settlement amount is enough to cover all of your medical bills and lost wages. If your settlement seems too low to cover all your losses, do not feel pressured to accept it. Instead, hire a West Palm Beach work injury compensation lawyer to help you fight for a better settlement.

Your Employer Has Retaliated Against You

Not all employers are happy when their employees file for workers’ compensation. In fact, some employers become downright angry and treat their employees unfairly. If your boss has cut your pay, reduced your hours or fired you because you filed a workers’ compensation claim, you should speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer. These actions are illegal and you do not have to put up with that kind of treatment.

Your Injury Prevents You from Returning to Your Job

If your injury is so severe that it keeps you from performing your work duties, you may be entitled to weekly payments to make up for your lost wages. The issue is, however, that these types of cases are very costly for insurance companies and they may try to avoid paying you what you truly deserve. In this situation, it pays to have a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer on your side to protect your legal rights.

You Suffered an Injury Due to a Third Party’s Actions

If a third party contributed to the injury you suffered at work, it can complicate your workers’ compensation claim. For example, if you drive as part of your job and another driver hit your vehicle, you can also sue that person. It is important to enlist the help of an experienced work injury lawyer in this situation.

If you suffered injuries in the workplace, schedule a consultation with a West Palm Beach work injury compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Contact the law offices of Frank, Koenig & Neuwelt today.