Weston FL Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

Weston FL Work Injury Compensation Lawyer Weston FL Work Injury Compensation Lawyer

Our Weston FL work injury compensation lawyer will tell you that suffering a work-related accident can be stressful enough. When a claim is denied, your case may become especially challenging. There are many ways that a claim denial may occur, and each one might take a different action step to remedy the situation. This is why you need the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt to help you navigate next steps. 

Why Has My Claim Been Denied

Victims of work-related accidents often receive a notice by mail, letting them know that their claim has been denied. Usually, within this letter from either the insurance carrier or your employer, the denial should be outlined. Reasons for a claim denial include:

You Did Not Tell Your Employer You Were Injured

One of the most critical steps victims need to take when they are injured at work is to notify their employer of the injury. Once you are injured or realize that you are injured, in Florida, you have 30 days to report it to your employer. When you do not report the injury, your employer cannot conduct a proper investigation, nor are they able to notify the insurance company. They may dispute your claim arguing that you were not injured at work. 

You Did Not Seek Medical Care

Forgoing medical treatment can have a grave impact. Seeing a doctor is essential as they will provide medical documentation that outlines your injuries. Also, be aware that when you seek medical care, you will need to see a doctor who has been approved by your employer and the insurance carrier. 

 You Had a Pre-Existing Condition

When someone is injured who has a pre-existing condition, it may be easy for an insurance carrier to deny your claim. This is because it can be challenging to prove such a claim. If you already had a workers comp claim, you may consider speaking with a Weston FL work injury compensation lawyer about reopening a past claim. 

Next Steps if Your Claim Has Been Denied

Once you have received a denial letter, you must act immediately. It will first be vital that you or your lawyer contact the insurance company to understand why the claim has been denied. You have the right to file an appeal with the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims. Your lawyer will help you file the petition and provide critical details to your case that includes an outline of the accident, the injuries you are facing, your losses, and a specific request for your benefits. At this point, the OJCC will take the time to review your petition and notify your employer. Legal guidance through this process is critical as our lawyers can assist you in receiving the coverage you deserve.

You Need a Lawyer by Your Side

When a fair settlement is not reached, further action may be necessary, which may draw out your ability to receive compensation for your losses. This can make the process of acquiring the care that you need incredibly challenging. You may be left financially impacted as you may need to cover your medical expenses and lost wages without the benefit of workers compensation. Contacting the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt will provide you with the best opportunity at reaching a favorable outcome. Please don’t delay any longer; let our Weston, Florida work injury compensation lawyer resolve your case as quickly as possible.