What are Common Car Accident Injuries?

What are Common Car Accident Injuries?Palm Beach car accident lawyer

A troubling aspect of an auto accident injury is that all too often they have long-term complications, and this underscores the importance of hiring a car accident lawyer. The Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt has represented many victims of car accidents who suffered serious injuries that required expensive medical treatment.

Car insurance companies rarely come to the table with fair settlement offers in the wake of a catastrophic injury caused by one of their customers. It usually takes an experienced and tenacious car accident lawyer who can negotiate a substantial settlement on behalf of their client. This is our approach at Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt and we have been very successful. Call us to discuss your case at no charge with our car accident lawyer in Palm Beach.

Common Car Accident Injuries

When two vehicles collide at higher speeds, the impact often results in the occupants slamming into the dashboard, windshield, or catapulting out of the vehicle and landing on a hard surface some distance away. As our car accident lawyer knows very well, it’s rare that people walk away from such accidents without getting significantly hurt. In fact, these scenarios often result in the following types of serious injuries:

  • Internal organ injuries that require immediate life-saving surgery. The spleen, kidneys, heart, and lungs are but a few of the body’s organs that if injured can be life-threatening when left untreated.
  • Closed head injuries or brain injuries of any kind. When someone suffers a serious brain injury, it may not be readily apparent. This is why it’s so critical to seek medical attention even if you don’t think you were injured. A brain injury can be fatal, even those that do not present symptoms immediately after the accident.
  • Crushed bones. This often requires surgery and the injuries may not be reversible.
  • Severed limbs. Medical technology has vastly improved over the decades, but once a person has lost a leg or arm or other appendage, it can be difficult if not impossible to regain full functionality despite the use of cutting-edge prosthetics.
  • Deep cuts, bruising, burns, scarring. In addition to suffering ugly and painful residual effects from these types of injuries, the victim will have a lifetime of visual memories of the car accident. This, in turn, can aggravate emotional scarring and extend the time it takes to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder associated with the original event. In fact, the emotional scars may exist forever.

Treatment for Serious Car Accident Injuries

If they survive the crash, their injuries can be significant and have long-term complications. Our car accident lawyer is familiar with many such cases. In the worst case scenarios, victims never completely recover and suffer a lifetime of discomfort and pain. They may have to endure painful sessions of physical therapy. Occupational therapy may be necessary if their injuries preclude them from being able to perform their job duties. Recovery can be a long and frustrating road to travel. Knowing that all of this could have been avoided but for the careless actions of a negligent driver can make that much more aggravating.

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