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Work Injury Law Firm Fort Lauderdale Work Injury Law Firm Fort Lauderdale

As a work injury law firm Fort Lauderdale depends on, one of the  biggest mistakes we know of, and have seen, is when an injured worker does not give a full and accurate history to their medical provider. If you do not tell the medical provider how the injury occurred and that it happened at work, you may seriously risk your ability to recover workers’ compensation benefits. In fact, the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt shares that you might struggle to get the medical treatment you need. 

It is very important you let your doctor know about any complaint, regardless of how trivial you think it might be. Our Fort Lauderdale work injury law firm will tell you that it is just as important to talk about how the injury happened, while including as much detail as possible. You should also make sure your doctor understands that the accident happened at work. This ensures your claim is protected to recover workers’ compensation benefits. 

As soon as you file for workers’ compensation benefits, the insurance company, or their legal team, will investigate the claim. This is a primary reason to call our work injury law firm serving Fort Lauderdale, Florida for help. The insurance company may take statements from you and any witnesses. In addition to these statements, your medical records will be inspected. They will examine the information within the records, including the reports of how and where the accident happened. The records will also be reviewed to look for details about the  body parts that were reported to the doctor, the symptoms, and the complete set of injuries. You can count on this investigation to be very detailed which is why it is important to be clear, concise, and descriptive when describing what happened and how you feel. If there was something unusual that happened, your work injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale recommends can help you to accurately depict your injuries and the impact the accident has had on you.

It must be noted that you should discuss the details of your accident with the first doctor you visit, but also any other provider you see for treatment. This is particularly important during the first appointments in the beginning of your treatment. That said, the details continue to be important throughout the life of your workers’ compensation case. 

As a leading Fort Lauderdale work injury law firm, we have known of clients who visit our office because the insurance company is refusing to cover treatment to a specific part of the body or at all. When this happens, usually the accident or injury was not reported in the medical records for several weeks or months after the accident, and was never mentioned at the first appointment for treatment. If the injured body part was not included in the medical records for a period of time, they will likely use it as a reason to deny coverage. 

In the event of your case going to trial, your medical records will likely be one of the most important pieces of evidence that your Fort Lauderdale work injury law firm will use to argue your case. A deputy commissioner will review them, and your upfront honesty will be considered. Again, you should practice reporting the injury and how it happened for every appointment and with every new doctor you see. You should also put this information on an intake form. This might feel tedious, but it can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. 

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