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Workers Comp Lawyer Palm Beach

Workers Comp Lawyer Palm BeachSomeone searching for a top workers’ comp lawyer Palm Beach can provide might already know that workers’ compensation claims are not always simple, and many workers face significant hurdles in obtaining lost wages and medical care.

If you’ve been injured on the job and you’re having trouble understanding all of the details in your employer’s workers’ compensation policy, there’s no reason to get overwhelmed. – A seasoned workers’ comp lawyer Palm Beach trusts can help you understand the process and explain your rights, even if your employer is complicating the process by not – fulfilling their legal duties.

Employer’s Duties Regarding Workers’ Compensation

Some states require all employers to have a workers’ compensation policy that will adequately cover the costs of any employee injuries. Other states allow certain types of businesses, or even very small businesses, to be exempt from these rules.

Employers in nearly every state are also required to abide by the following requirements:

  • Post a notice of compliance with workers’ compensation rules
  • Allow an injured employee to seek medical care in an emergency
  • Allow an injured employee to file a workers’ compensation claim
  • File a report of the injury with their workers’ compensation carrier

Most state’s laws prevent an injured worker from filing a lawsuit against his or her employer. – Instead, the injured worker must file a workers’ comp claim. One exception might be if the employer retaliates against the injured employee and fires them for filing a workers’ compensation claim or hiring an attorney to file a claim on their behalf.

Employer Retaliation

Employers have the legal responsibility to employees and are not allowed to retaliate against an employee who is injured on the job, or who files a workers’ compensation claim simply because a claim was filed. Retaliation policies are an essential part of any workers’ compensation program, as an experienced workers’ comp lawyer Palm Beach trusts might attest.

If an injured employee experiences retaliation from his or her employer after being injured, this might also justify a lawsuit. Talking with a skilled Palm Beach workers’ comp lawyer may be a good way to determine whether or not your employer is retaliating against you.

Speak With a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Palm Beach Residents Depend On

If you’re having trouble working with your employer when filing a workers’ compensation claim, it may be beneficial to seek legal counsel from a top workers’ comp lawyer in Palm Beach. At the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig, & Neuwelt, we know how complex a workers’ comp claim can be, especially if your employer isn’t being helpful throughout the process.

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