Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Florida’s workers’ compensation law allows injured workers to receive two basic benefits: indemnity benefits (lost wages) and medical benefits. Within these groups are additional benefits that can be available depending on the injury sustained, the care required and the injured worker’s ability to return to work. The workers’ compensation law was created to be self executing, an automatic system that provides the necessary benefits to put an injured worker on the path to recovery. However, for many injured workers in Florida, the workers’ compensation system is slow, unresponsive and anything but self-executing.

An injured worker is entitled to receive maximum medical care after being hurt at work. What this means is that your employer is required to report the accident or injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier and then take you to an approved workers’ compensation doctor. Once evaluated, that medical provider makes treatment recommendations and referrals for medications, diagnostic studies and assigns a work status. Depending on the work status, an injured worker may be entitled to checks from the workers’ compensation insurance company. In addition to medical care and lost wage checks, an injured worker is also entitled to receive reimbursement for mileage for travel to and from all medical appointments, physical therapy, x-rays or MRI’s and the pharmacy. Should an injured worker require transportation services, their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company is required to provide transportation services for all medical appointments.

Basic benefits that are available under Florida’s workers’ compensation law include, but are not limited to:

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