Was My Workers Compensation Claim Handled Improperly?

Was My Workers Compensation Claim Handled Improperly?

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Was My Workers Compensation Claim Handled Improperly?Workers compensation programs were created to cover employees’ injuries or illnesses that occurred due to the workplace, no matter who was at-fault. Despite the positive intentions of workers compensation benefits, there may be times where an employee’s claim was not handled with the utmost respect. An employer may have been pressured to save the company money, and mishandled your claim either negligently or intentionally. If you or a loved one have been involved in this type of situation, you should contact a work injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale trusts, such as Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt. In the article below there is further detail about workers compensation benefits, whether your employer may have acted unlawfully, and when it may be time to contact a Fort Lauderdale work injury lawyer.

Are there situations where a claim may be denied?

Yes, there may be factors of a work-related accident that could result in a claim denial. An employee’s application for benefits may be turned down if there is proof that the worker may have been intoxicated, broken a law, or was intentional in the accident happening. Additionally, benefits may be lessened or cancelled altogether if a worker was put on temporary work restriction due to the injury but then was able to complete physical tasks. If you feel your claim was denied unfairly, working with a Fort Lauderdale work injury lawyer could help you get a better understanding of your situation and rights.

What if I was not at the job site when I got hurt?

You may still be able to receive workers compensation benefits for an injury or illness that occured while not at the job site. This may only apply if you were approved by your employer to perform work-related tasks somewhere else, such as traveling for business or were attending a company sponsored event.

What are the signs that my employer has acted unlawfully?

There are many ways that an employer may have treated your workers compensation claim in such a way that was unlawful. Depending on your state laws, an employer may face legal consequences for any of the following behavior:

  • Trying to discourage you from filling out an incident report, or for workers compensation benefits regarding an injury or illness
  • After filing for workers comp, you were relocated to another department, had a change in job assigned duties or were fired
  • Filing your workers compensation application late or incomplete, resulting in a denial of your claim
  • Coercing the work-assigned doctor to minimize your condition so your treatment costs the company less money

It is important to speak with a work injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to learn your rights in any of these situations.

Should I meet with an attorney?

If you experienced any of the above unlawful behavior in regards to your work injury, illness or workers compensation claim, then you may want to seek legal representation right away from a work injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale depends on. Many employees may not even realize their claim has been mishandled, resulting in receiving less than what they need in order to treat their condition or being outright wrongfully denied. If you are suspicious your claim was not dealt with properly, meeting with an attorney from Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt may be the next step. An attorney can help you decide if there is enough evidence to file a lawsuit against your employer for their misconduct. Contact Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt today to schedule a consultation.