What Can an Insurance Adjuster Legally Do?

What Can an Insurance Adjuster Legally DoIf you were recently injured at work and have filed a workers’ compensation claim, you might suspect you are being followed. Chances are, you’re right! Workers’ compensation insurance companies are allowed to follow you to collect evidence to a certain extent. If you feel the insurance company has crossed the line, you can contact an attorney to take action. The following are some things the insurance adjuster can do.

Sit Outside Your Home

An insurance adjuster for the workers’ compensation company can sit in a car outside your home on a public street. While sitting there, he or she is allowed to watch what you’re doing in order to collect evidence against you. Insurance adjusters are responsible for getting the settlement as low as possible. If you take the trash out and you’ve claimed your back is injured, the adjuster might take a photo of you dragging your heavy garbage can to the curb in an effort to prove that your claim is false.

Take Photos in Public Places

If you take a trip to the park with your family, go on a walk to church or simply spend time in your yard, the insurance adjuster can take photos of you. Photographs are quality pieces of evidence when an insurance company is trying to prove that your injuries aren’t as severe as you say they are. 

Follow You to Medical Appointments

If you’re missing medical appointments, it’s going to seem as though your injuries don’t require much care. Insurance adjusters often follow individuals to and from medical appointments to determine whether they are actually receiving care. The adjuster might take photos of you coming and going, and could also take notes about when and where the appointments were.

Speak With Your Neighbors and Friends

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters can also speak with your neighbors and friends. They might ask your closest neighbors about your behavior outside and what type of physical activity you participate in. Again, they’re trying to get evidence proving your injuries aren’t as bad as you claim they are, so if a neighbor knows that you workout in your at-home gym every day, the insurance adjuster will want to know that.

Getting Your Lawyer Involved

Even with all of these actions an insurance adjuster can legally take, there is a point at which they can go too far. If you are worried about an insurance adjuster following you, contact a workers’ compensation attorney to get a professional involved.

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