Workers’ Compensation Benefits: How Do I File and Prove My Claim?

Workers’ Compensation Benefits: How Do I File and Prove My Claim?

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Workers' Compensation Benefits: How Do I File and Prove My Claim?If you are reading this article, you or someone you love was likely injured at work and you may need the assistance of a workers compensation attorney West Palm Beach families trusts. You are likely considering filing a workers’ compensation claim and are looking for information about how to get started. If this sounds like you, remember that the best resource you have when filing a workers’ compensation claim is to consult with an experienced workers compensation attorney in West Palm Beach. A qualified local attorney will know the law of your state and will be able to help you meet all the requirements for filing and substantiating your claim within the letter of the law. In the meantime, however, here are a few things to consider:

  • When do I file a workers’ compensation claim? Your workers’ compensation claim is controlled by federal and state law. Depending on the law applicable to your claim, you will have a specific time limit within which you must notify your employer that you were injured on the job. Some states may allow you to report your injury within a few weeks or even months after your injury. Some states, however, require you to notify your employer within only a few days of being injured or, in the case of chronic illness, within a few days of discovering your injury. Make sure that you know the law that applies to your claim and, when in doubt, report your injury to your employer as soon as you are physically able.
  • How do I file a workers’ compensation claim? After notifying your employer of your injury, your employer, typically through a human resources department, should provide you with the necessary paperwork to file your claim. Fill out the paperwork truthfully and completely and make sure that you return it by an applicable deadline. If you are unsure of how to state your claim or answer any questions in the paperwork, contact a West Palm Beach workers compensation attorney who can help you get your claim started on the right foot.

After completing the initial workers’ compensation paperwork, you may be contacted by your employer’s workers’ compensation provider (an insurance company) who will ask questions about the statements you make in your paperwork in addition to other questions about the facts of your case and your injury. Remember that the insurance company does not have your best interests at heart. If you are uncomfortable talking to the insurance company or are afraid you are not going to get the compensation you deserve, consider consulting with and hiring a workers compensation attorney for West Palm Beach skilled in advocating for his or her clients.

  • What do I need to do to prove my workers’ compensation claim? This question again depends on the facts of your case. You may be able to prove your claim by providing medical records from when you sought treatment for your injury. In some cases, however, if you are seeking compensation in addition to reimbursement for medical bills, such as compensation for the cost of rehabilitative therapy, job retraining, or future medical care, you may need to provide more detailed evidence. It is always a good idea to save all paperwork regarding your medical treatment including prescriptions, receipts, medical records, and any personal records or calendars you kept of the treatment you received for your injury. – An experienced workers compensation attorney West Palm Beach that residents can rely on, like The Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt, can help you identify what exactly you need to submit to substantiate your claim.