Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Hollywood FL

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Hollywood FL

Intentional Torts and Injuries Caused by a Third Party

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Hollywood FL Workers' Compensation LawyerGenerally, if employees are injured on the job and accept workers compensation, they cannot file a lawsuit against their employer for their injury. This is due to the employer’s workers’ comp insurance policy, which protects them from any personal injury claims brought on by employees.

Workers’ compensation insurance is meant to be mutually beneficial for both the employee and employer. This is because the employee can be compensated for work-related injuries and the employer does not have to worry about lawsuits. The benefits provided by workers’ compensation is known as a no-fault system, because it doesn’t matter who was responsible for the accident. However, workers compensation lawyers in Hollywood FL may be able to help you seek compensation from your employer if the settlement offered to you is greatly insufficient. There are exceptions to the law barring personal injury lawsuits against employers, two of which are listed below.

  • Intentional Torts – Intentional torts refer to an employer purposely harming an employee, either physically or non-physically. If you have received an injury due to an employer’s intentional act, then you may have the right to file a lawsuit against the employer. Common examples of intentional torts include:Assault – If an employee receives threats of harm but does not sustain any injuries, this qualifies as assault. For example, if an employer threatens to physically or sexually assault an employee or otherwise create apprehension, this is assault and the employee should contact workers compensation lawyers in Hollywood FL.
  • Battery – Intentional harm done to an employee, such as being hit, kicked, or physically hurt in some way.
    Emotional Distress – If an employer causes intentional emotional distress to an employee, this may be cause for a lawsuit. Intentional emotional stress can include an employer being aggressively rude to an employee, or assigning an employee excessive work by an impossible deadline that results in anxiety.
  • Defamation – If an employer states false things about an employee that results in injury, even the harm of a reputation may be considered defamation. If the lies told by an employer result in the employee getting terminated, this is considered defamation. Libel and slander are also considered forms of defamation. Talk to workers compensation lawyers in Hollywood FL to learn more.
  • Fraud – When an employee sustains an injury due to the false information provided by their employer. The injury can be financial.
  • Invasion of Privacy – Private information of the employee is exposed to the general public or within the workplace without the consent of the employee.
  • Injuries Caused by a Third Party – If an employee sustained an injury from a third party at the workplace, then the employee has the right to file a lawsuit against the third party with the help of workers compensation lawyers in Hollywood FL. An example of an injury caused by a third party may include an employee that who injured by faulty equipment. In this scenario, the manufacturer of the equipment may be sued.

Hollywood FL Workers’ Compensation Lawyer
Work injuries are never expected, but when they happen make sure to call a Hollywood FL work injury compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

When you or a loved one has been hurt at work, don’t turn to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. They will not be looking out for your best interest. They will be looking out for their own interests. And when you are hurt at work, your interests and your employer’s interests are not the same.

Workers’ compensation lawyers are trained to handle difficult insurance company adjusters and their work comp doctors who don’t listen and turn a blind eye to your complaints. After being hurt at work, an experienced Hollywood FL work injury lawyer can help you receive the medical care and lost wages that are provided by law.

The work injury compensation lawyers at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt are ready and willing to speak with you about your workplace injury today. Let us help explain what the work comp law provides for and what tricks the insurance companies will employ to deny your benefits.

After reporting an injury and seeking medical care, call an attorney before making any statements to the insurance company. Many things that you don’t think are important or a big deal can become important and are a big deal to the insurance company. Even the tiniest detail may be something the insurance company can take advantage of and use to prevent your access to medical care and lost wages. Don’t wait when deciding whether to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer in Hollywood FL. It could mean the difference in receiving medical care and lost wages or none at all.

Remember, documenting an injury is one of the most important things you can do. Many cases have been denied because there is no evidence to show that an accident occurred, was reported or that body parts were injured. Email, text or take a picture to document everything. If your employer claims they never received your notice of injury, we will be equipped with a copy of the email you sent after the accident to prove they are lying.

When you go to a work comp doctor, don’t presume they will include all of the body parts you injured. These doctors and clinics are only being paid to treat certain authorized body parts. Authorized by workers’ compensation. If the work comp carrier doesn’t authorize all of the body parts you injured, the doctors won’t treat them. If you never wrote down on the intake that you hurt a certain area, and months or years go by without care, the likelihood that a judge will find you hurt that body part on the date of accident is very small. Document all body parts injured, even if you have to write it down on the doctor’s intake form when you first treat.

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An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is your best bet to ensure you receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled to under the law. Let us help you obtain the medical care you need to get better and the money to pay the bills and put food on your table until you are ready to go back to work. Contact the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt for a free consultation.

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