Are You a Florida Work Comp Trial Attorney?

Florida Workers Comp Trial Attorney

All of our workers’ compensation attorneys are trial litigators. We go to trial and fight the workers’ compensation insurance companies.

We take cases to trial that are wrongfully denied and ensure that the insurance carriers provide the medical and lost wage benefits they are required to pay.

There are many instances in which we go to trial. They all include injured workers who suffered workplace injuries or accidents and typically their work comp adjuster refuses to provide a doctor, surgery or lost wages.

Our Florida Workers Comp Lawyers Fight For You

Why they won’t pay, we never find out. Most often, a work comp insurance adjuster takes something personal and makes a knee jerk reaction and denies something an injured worker is entitled to receive.

One time an injured worker was taken out of work and the surgeon recommended surgery. The adjuster refused to pay lost wages and refused to authorize the care. When asked why, they told the work injury compensation lawyer that they had to clarify that the doctor was recommending surgery on the elbow and not the wrist, as the carrier had only authorized the elbow.

Our work injury lawyer thought about this for a moment, then looked at the referral and office note that was attached to the paperwork sent to the adjuster. The attorney then advised the adjuster that the paperwork specifically mentioned not only the cubital nerve (the elbow) but specifically states the elbow is where the problems occurred and where the surgery would occur. The adjuster replied that they still needed clarification. The adjuster couldn’t clarify as to what needed clarification. Just clarification.

When asked why they were not paying lost wages, they replied that the last doctor had the injured worker on full duty release and couldn’t figure out why the current doctor had her on no work. When asked what they had done to rectify the situation they said they had tried calling but the doctor wouldn’t call back.

Hmmm”¦seems pretty lazy to us. Why not pay for a conference? Why not set the doctor’s deposition? Why not send a nurse case manager to speak with the doctor at the office visit? They certainly do that often enough when trying to send an injured worker back to work before they are ready. What, suddenly, they are gun shy about doing that when they may have to pay thousands in lost wages?

There are many actions a carrier can take to obtain the required information. However, these efforts would involve them spending time and money, two things they don’t like to expend if at all possible.

So we do it for them. We conference with doctors, we set the depositions and we go to trial. If they want to take a ludicrous position and deny care for no reason, then we can take them all the way to the judge and let them explain why they are violating Florida’s workers’ compensation law.

There is a difference between being aggressive and being overly litigious. It is important that you know when to take a case to trial and when not to. We pride ourselves on making sure that we fight hard for our client’s rights while ensuring that they are going to obtain the best possible outcome in each and every case.

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