Blog for Lawyers: What to do after the initial consult

A personal injury lawyer Little Rock, AR trusts will tell you that the most impressionable time to really think about a case is when the client leaves the office for the first time. – It’s as if for a glimpse, you have the opportunity to play the role of a juror and listen to the facts for the first time. – While the case is fresh on your mind, you should consider these points:

1. This is as good as the case will ever sound to you

If the facts of the case trouble you now, wait until you’re having to explain them with passion to a jury. – If you’re worried now, don’t take the case. – This is likely as good as the case will ever sound to you. – Before you pour your heart and soul into investigating the facts, ordering medical records and bills, preparing and filing suit, answering discovery, taking depositions, and preparing for a grueling trial, make sure your heart is in this case. – If it’s not, turn the case down in writing to the client and tell them you are honored that they considered you for representation.

2. Prepare the closing argument:

Because this case is as fresh now as it will ever be to you, take some time to make a first draft of your closing argument to the jury. – Shut the door, pace the floor, write down all the fantastic points that make this a great case (along with any wrinkles that may already consider), and remind yourself why this is a great case. – Remember that a jury will not have the benefit of preparing the case for months and that they will only have a small glimpse into the case, just like you have at this moment after the initial consultation. – Consider liability. – Consider damages. – Consider all the great witnesses that will help you connect the dots. – Put it on paper now, and you’ll be grateful later that you did.

3. Prepare the opening statement:

Before you even have your staff work on opening the file, write out a roadmap for the case in the form of an opening statement, and for all the reasons just discussed in the preceding paragraph. – You will be glad that this was done while it was fresh on your mind.

4. Don’t tarry: Open the file and send out the medical and wage requests

As Plaintiff’s lawyers, our greatest advantage is being able to rush the case to trial once it is on file, so now is the time to build it and make it as complete as possible. – Order and organize all medical and lost wage records. – Summarize all of your special damages and non-economic damages. – Line up all witnesses. – Prepare written discovery to be propounded. – Make a list of everyone you will want to depose. – Have solid answers for any wrinkles in the case. – Once this case is filed, get it to the trial. – That’s the greatest advantage we have as Plaintiff’s lawyers.

For these reasons, it is imperative to hire a veteran litigator and experienced trial lawyer to form a winning strategy that will best present your case to the jury.