Can I Schedule My Own Medical Appointments?

We are often asked by frustrated clients if they can schedule their own medical appointments. They often question why their workers’ compensation medical appointments are set in the middle of the work day. They are upset, and rightfully so, as neither their employer nor their employer’s workers’ compensation carrier is obligated to pay for the missed time. As a result, they are forced to lose wages or use their sick or personal time and they are worried their employer will be annoyed or upset that they are missing time from work.

The answer to this question is yes, you can schedule your own appointments. We can help you establish scheduling parameters with the adjuster, nurse case manger and doctor’s office early on in the case to minimize the amount of time you miss from work. Further, it is important to understand policies on scheduling and any agreements the doctor may have with the insurance companies. The carries have to pay for no-show or late cancellation fees and can suspend benefits if they believe an injured worker is medically non-complaint.

The experienced Florida workers’ compensation injury lawyers handle issues like these on a regular basis and are ready to help if you are unhappy with the appointment times scheduled for you by the insurance company. Our goal is to advise you reagarding how to proceed to maximize the benefits available to you under the law.

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