Don’t Give Up Your Case – On The Job Injury Lawyers in Palm Beach Discuss

Workplace Accident Attorney Palm Beach

On The Job Injury Lawyers in Palm BeachWe had a client call today to let us know she wanted to drop her workers’ compensation case.

She was tired of the back and forth between her doctors and work and the harassment her bosses and coworkers were giving her. She wanted to drop the case even though she had a real injury and was getting medical care.

As work injury compensation lawyers, we hear this from clients who have simply been beaten down by the system and don’t want to fight. The problem is that this is exactly what workers’ compensation insurance companies want injured workers to do. They want you to get so fed up and frustrated that you walk away.

But think about what you are giving up and walking away from: medical care will be gone; medications would be over; mileage reimbursement gone; and lost wages if you are unable to work would certainly be lost. Further, if you walk away from your case, you may never be able obtain a settlement and would lose out on the ability to obtain a lump sum amount of money to compensate you for the medical care and indemnity benefits you may be entitled to from work comp in the future.

After an on the job injury, a workplace accident attorney will be able to help guide you through the workers’ compensation system so that an injured worker can obtain the benefits they are entitled to under the law.

As workers’ compensation lawyers we have a rare opportunity to provide injured workers with workers’ comp legal advice and educate them on how the work comp industry may try to make life a living hell in order to have them give up and walk away.

We speak with many different people throughout the State of Florida. Almost all of these people are hard working individuals who simply want to be healthy and whole and capable of putting food on the table. They do not know a lot about Florida’s workers’ compensation laws and are shocked at how they are treated by the work comp adjusters or their representatives.

After speaking with our experienced workplace accident attorneys, injured workers are armed with the knowledge that will help them cope with work comp obstacles set to derail the normally smooth provision of medical treatment and lost wages.

Like anything else in life, don’t panic when the situation seems out of hand. You always have options. The best option for an injured worker is to obtain representation from a on the job injury attorney.

Walking away from your case is never the answer. We can help you see the big picture and provide options that would never be offered by the carrier. We can help you overcome the hurdles placed in your way by work comp and help you obtain the medical care and lost wage benefits you deserve.

Even if you don’t see a fix now, we can help you build a roadmap for what you want and how to get it. If you walk away from what is rightly yours, you will never obtain what you are owed. We can help you if you are willing to invest the time and effort to stop work comp from taking advantage of you and your loved ones.