Florida Work Comp Claims: Don’t Just Listen to your Boss

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We had a caller who was thoroughly confused about his ability to file a claim and wanted to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer. When he was put on the line he said that he was hurt at work but was told he couldn’t have a work comp claim. He was told that the employer didn’t have insurance and he had to pay for his own medical care.

If this happens to you, please know that many times an employer does not have work comp insurance. They likely should have insurance, but sometimes they don’t. But what we told this caller was that they should never just take the employer’s word.

If injured at work, whether you are looking for a construction site accident attorney in Jupiter, Florida, a workplace accident attorney in Palm Beach, Florida or any other work related accident attorney you can give us a call. Our experienced and dedicated work injury compensation lawyers are able to investigate your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, or lack thereof. Usually, within a few minutes after speaking with an injured caller, we can tell you if there is work comp coverage.

Employers pay insurance premiums just like you pay car insurance. If you have an accident, your rates go up. If an employer has an accident, their rates go up. They are incentivized to not report claims. This is why the law requires them to report claims timely. If they do not report the claim timely then they may be liable for fines for violating the law.

Our Florida Workers Comp Lawyers Will Make Sure You Aren’t Tricked

Another trick employers use to confuse injured workers in an attempt to avoid filing a work comp claim is to say an employee is an independent contractor. An employer’s workers’ compensation coverage applies to all employees, even independent contractors. In Florida, workers’ compensation laws do exclude certain independent contractors from coverage, but simply because your boss pays you with a 1099 doesn’t mean you aren’t covered.

Florida work comp laws provide very specific rules on who is a true independent contractor. If you think you are being wrongfully denied access to medical care and lost wages based on your employment status, call one of our work injury lawyers today.

Experienced Florida Workers Comp Lawyers

There are plenty of scams that employers are fond of to avoid reporting a workplace injury. Every single one of them will end up helping the business and hurting the employee. Don’t believe what the boss tells you if they say there is no work comp insurance. Get legal advice from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney and not an employer who will save money by not spending it on your medical care and lost wages.

Remember, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits the moment you start working and in certain situations even before you start or after you finish. We’ve helped injured workers on the first day they started and case law allows for care even after being fired.

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Our goal is to make sure you get the care you need to get better and the lost wages to keep the food on the table. If you have been hurt at work call Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt – for a free and confidential consultation at any time.