Florida Work Comp Judge Tells Insurance Company: You Cannot Cut Off Benefits When Injured Workers Don’t Want Surgery

On May 19,2012 I posted a blog advising how the insurance companies cannot force cut off an injured workers’ benefits to force them to have surgery. I advised to be wary of insurance companies who may try to refuse to pay lost wages or otherwise disrupt your claim. It seem that a St. Petersburg workers’ compensation Judge agrees with me.

A 55 year-old Miami resident was at work when she suffered injuries to her low back and wrist. The work comp doctors assigned restrictions, the insurance company paid lost wage checks and she ultimately was recommended to have wrist surgery. The worker was scared to have the surgery and advised the doctors she did not want the procedure. The insurance company terminated her checks and refused to pay her for the wages she was owed. After the trial , the workers’ compensation Judge found that the insurance company had wrongfully suspended lost wage benefits. Specifically, he found that her fear was reasonable under the circumstances and that she should not be penalized by the workers’ compensation insurance company for choosing not have the operation.

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