Florida Workers’ Compensation Question: Can I Be Forced to Have Surgery?

A new client called with a dilemma. His work comp doctor told him he had to have a major surgery to his low back called a fusion. This surgery involves putting the client under anesthesia, cutting open his low back and drilling into his spine with plates, rods and screws. The client advised me that he was freaked out by the thought of surgery but the insurance company was pressuring him and his boss told him he didn’t know how long his position could be held open. He wanted to treat but he did not want the surgery and was afraid of losing the medical care and work comp checks.

In Florida, an injured worker cannot be forced to undergo any treatment against their will. Even if an authorized workers’ compensation doctor recommends such care, an injured worker can choose not to treat. In these situations the insurance company may try to pressure you like they did the client I mentioned above. Do not allow the workers’ compensation insurance company, or your employer, to threaten you with scare tactics and pressure you to have any medical care you do not wish to receive.

As experienced workers’ compensation attorneys we deal with situations like this on a daily basis. We know the law and are able to help our clients make informed decisions about their options including what to do when the insurance company tries to force you to do something you don’t want to do.

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