Florida Workplace Injuries: Don’t Know How It Happened, But Definitely Hurt at Work.

Most people think of a workers’ compensation injury as an accident that happens at work. You can point to a specific day or event and say it happened then or there. But what happens when you cannot remember what caused the accident or are unable to explain how the injury occurred?

If you ask a workers’ compensation insurance company adjuster this question they will most likely say that your problems are not work related, but pre-existing or idiopathic in nature. Wikipedia says idiopathic means, “arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause.” Merriam-Webster defines it the same way but adds that it is, “peculiar to the individual.” So what you have is pain from something that you (your body) created, caused or produced naturally as opposed to having something external event happen to you (in this scenario we are not talking about problems caused from a prior accident or injury).

By using the pre-existing or idiopathic defense, Florida’s workers’ compensation insurance companies are creating reasons to deny payment of your medical care, lost wages and more. If they can obtain a non work-related cause of injury and need for treatment they will grab onto that possible cause, no matter how unrealistic or improbable it may be.

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