Hey! They Said My Work Comp Case is Closed. What Do I Do Now?

As West Palm Beach workers’ compensation lawyers we hear on a regular basis from clients who have been told that their case is closed. Most likely it is not.

Many times the source of the problem comes from people who are not truly familiar with the work comp law and simply say a case is closed to avoid any real work involved in properly assisting an injured. If your employer or medical provider refuses to take some necessary action, we will help make sure they do.

Common examples of this include an office manager at a plant who, when asked by an injured worker to see a work comp doctor for a follow up appointment, doesn’t feel like making any calls and says that the case is closed. Another example is when a patient has not been seen by their doctor in several months and the receptionist says the case is closed rather than contacting the work comp coordinator to obtain authorization to treat.

As experienced work injury lawyers in West Palm Beach, we see the hassle and aggravation injured workers are subjected to and understand how frustrating and confusing it can be to be told your case is closed when the doctor told you to come back in three months.

Whether you have been placed at Maximum Medical Improvement, MMI, or just haven’t been treated in a few months, our West Palm Beach work injury compensation lawyers are here to help. We are accustomed to these common mistakes and can quickly determine where the mistake occurred and address it aggressively and effectively.

Remember that the people who answer the phones at the doctor’s office or handle the paperwork for your employer are not licensed adjusters or field case managers. They are not educated in the work comp law or equipped to do much more than schedule appointments and file paperwork. If you are told by someone that your case is closed and you have not settled your case by accepting a cash monetary sum in agreement to drop your case, then your case is not closed. We are here to get past the paper pushers and clarify whatever confusion is causing the problem.

Our West Palm Beach work injury lawyers have more than 80 years combined experience working with the workers’ compensation insurance companies, their doctors and adjusters and can help you when you are denied the medical care, lost wages and access to benefits you need after being hurt at work.

If you have been told your case is closed, let us make sure it is opened so that you are able to see your healthcare providers and recover the monies you are entitled to under the law. Call the law offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt for an experienced workers compensation lawyer in West Palm Beach.