How Long Does it Take to Get My Settlement Check?

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Palm Beach Gardens Work Injury Compensation Lawyer | Workers Compensation Attorney Palm Beach GardensMany injured workers tell us that they are glad to finally be done with the case after settlement, and looking forward to delivering their settlement check to their financial advisor, but our workers’ compensation attorneys will tell you that sometimes the fight has just begun. – There is no specific set time-frame for how long it can take a workers’ compensation insurance company to get you your settlement money. To be blunt, it just depends.

Many clients will tell our work injury lawyers how they were involved in a car accident or slip and fall injury and after they settled their attorney had a check ready for them in a week or two. That may be accurate for a personal injury lawsuit, but in a workers’ compensation case in Florida that will almost never happen.

After an injured worker settles their case, they are required to sign various documents commonly referred to as settlement documents. These include Motions, Stipulations and other supporting forms that are required by law. If required by the insurance company, or the employer they insure, most clients are required to also sign general releases, confidentiality agreements and possibly separation agreements.

All of these documents can take several weeks to prepare and get to you, the injured worker. Once the documents have been reviewed and executed by the injured worker and their work injury lawyer, the paperwork is sent to the carrier, or their attorney, for review and signature.

After the documents are finalized they are submitted to the workers’ compensation judge assigned to your case. The judge is required to review specific documents that explain how the injured worker’s attorney’s fees and costs are being paid and if the injured worker owes child support. If they do owe support, documentation must be presented to the judge explaining how the support arrearages will be satisfied. If the judge is not satisfied with this information they are entitled to request a hearing and have the work injury lawyer explain how the attorney’s fees, costs or support payments are calculated. Though judges often review the settlement documents quickly, it can take several weeks or even longer if a hearing is required.

Once the judge approves the necessary paperwork, the carrier will mail the settlement check to the injured worker’s Palm Beach Gardens workers’ compensation attorney. Though the law limits how long the work comp carriers have to mail the check, many insurance company attorneys try to increase that time frame so their clients can sit on the check and continue to earn interest while the injured worker suffers.

After your Palm Beach Gardens work injury compensation lawyer receives the settlement check it will be deposited in the firm’s trust account. Once the check clears at the bank, the lawyer will issue a check to the injured worker.

Our Palm Beach Gardens workers’ compensation lawyers strive to expedite the settlement process. We want you to have the monies you need to keep the lights on and get food on the table. It is our goal to help you when you need it the most.

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