Hurt at Work? Finding the Right Attorney for You

  • By Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt
  • 1865

Finding the right attorney can be a daunting and scary process. Most clients I meet for the first time say the same thing, “I never thought I would have to hire an attorney, but….”

Does this sound familiar? If it does, that is good thing. Though many people see movies, television shows or news reports of lawsuits, the majority of people are lucky in that they never had to hire or consult an attorney. However, after being hurt at work, it is essential to hire an attorney as early as possible.

While the right lawyer can mean the difference between benefits or nothing at all, many people have no idea what makes a good attorney or what is important in the hiring process. Finding the right lawyer can be easier if you follow these simple rules:

First, stick with your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable with the person you speak with, you are probably right.

Second, find out what qualifications the law firm holds? – The – Law Offices of Franks & Koenig – is an AV rated law firm (this is the highest rating an attorney can – achieve) and we are proud to have a board certified workers’ compensation lawyer and expert as part of our team.

Third, – find out if the attorney will handle the claim to the end. Some law firms handle cases until a trial is pending and then send the case out to another law firm. Here at The Law Offices of Franks & Koenig all of the attorney’s are experienced litigators with more than 50 years of combined experience throughout Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York and North and South Carolina. – We handle your claim all the way and do not bail out when times get tough.

Fourth, – ask if the lawyer or the law firm practice other areas of the law? For many law firms, their workers’ compensation practice is very small and has limited resources. Consequently, their ability to spend time and money on you may be sacrificed if they feel a bigger payday might be recovered on a non-workers’ compensation claim. Here at The Law Offices of Franks & Koenig, we specialize in Workers’ Compensation law. This means our attorneys – focus solely on your workers’ compensation claim by providing a focused approach in representing your interests against the workers’ compensation insurance companies without distraction.

Finally, once you have hired an attorney, ask questions about your claim. Remember, an attorney cannot advise you on your claim if you haven’t hired them. However, once you hire – an attorney, make sure they speak with you about what to expect. I always spend time explaining the worker’s compensation system and what will happen in the coming weeks and months. I also tell my clients that after we meet and they are home later that night they will probably have 20 questions they forgot to ask. – That’s ok. Write them down and call me the next day so we can discuss their concerns. Having a realistic understanding of what can and cannot be done under your state’s workers’ compensation – law is an essential element of a good attorney. If your attorney – doesn’t – explain it to you, who will?