I Was Hurt at Work, Why Can’t I See My Own Doctor?

This shouldn’t be a complicated answer, but it is. Long story short, the state of Florida has laws that control who you, as an injured worker, can see for medical treatment. Not only are there laws for whom you can treat, but there are laws for doctors and whom they can treat.

While the legalities of the matter can be tedious and a little mind numbing, the ultimate fact is that you, an injured worker, are required to treat with an authorized workers’ compensation doctor. If you decide to treat with an “unauthorized” doctor, the workers’ compensation insurance company may ignore that doctor’s opinions and may not be responsible for payment of their bills.

However, there are circumstances when the insurance company does not follow the rules set forth by law and then they may have no choice but to authorize the opinions, requests and recommendations for treatment from otherwise unauthorized doctors. There are also times when unauthorized doctors can become authorized, and other times when the unauthorized doctors care must be paid for and accepted by workers’ compensation, but then they can assign a doctor to take over from that point forward.

Complicated, right?

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