Florida Workers Comp Lawyer: Injuries Can Happen Even When Sitting at Your Desk

Florida Workers Compensation Lawyer

Florida Workers Compensation Lawyer

We get all kinds of calls from injured workers asking our Florida workers’ compensation lawyers if they have a case.

Many callers tell us of traumatic events: motor vehicle accidents, exploding equipment, electrocutions and more. – But many more callers are not certain if they had a workers’ compensation injury or accident.

If you are not sure, then call one of our Florida work injury compensation lawyers. It’s a free and confidential consultation. That means there’s no cost to you and we don’t talk to anyone else about what you tell us.

Callers tell us that they are in pain but didn’t have what they would consider a typical accident. We can tell from these callers that they have tried to deal with the pain but simply cannot handle it on their own any longer.

After asking a few questions it usually becomes clear that these workers suffered a repetitive trauma or exposure injury. And almost all of these callers tell us that they have never heard of such a thing.

Part of Florida’s workers’ compensation statute, the law that controls the workers’ compensation system, clearly identifies repetitive trauma injuries and provides for medical care and lost wages should you miss time from work due to a repetitive trauma injury.

This means that you do not have to get hit by a car, have a microwave explode in your face or be electrocuted to have a work comp case.

Think of the dental hygienist who develops carpal tunnel after scraping teeth thousands of times a day, days a week, weeks a year and year after year. Think of the receptionist who has to take calls all day and puts the receiver in the crook of their neck and holds their head at an angle over and over and over again. – Don’t forget the computer technician who sits in a chair all day long, day after day in one position and develops pain because the chair isn’t ergonomically correct.

These activities are simple daily functions that are common in many jobs throughout Florida. It’s not something that you would think can cause an injury or need for treatment.

But it does.

We regularly speak with workers who are in pain and looking for help. We ask them how were they injured but they don’t know. However, they did go to their own doctor who asked what they do for a living. After discussing their job duties their doctor offers a possible explanation for their symptoms and complaints: – maybe the work activity caused their problem.

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Once you hear this, the clock starts ticking and the law requires you to report your injury as a work related accident. If you don’t understand, or think you were told by a doctor that your problems are work related, call us right away.

If you think you have an injury that was caused by your regular work activity, you may be right. Call us or email us right away to make sure you don’t lose out on medical care and lost wages that the workers’ compensation carrier’s are required to provide under the law. For a free consultation, contact our Florida Workers Comp Attorneys today.