Is My Case Worth Hiring A Palm Beach County Work Injury Lawyer?

Palm Beach County Work Injury Lawyers Advise

Palm Beach County Work Injury Lawyer
If you’ve sustained injures from a workplace accident, you’re probably wondering if your case is worth hiring the services of a Palm Beach County work injury lawyer. The answer will depend on the seriousness of your injury and the complexities of your claim.

When to Hire a Palm Beach County Workers Compensation Lawyer

The moment the factors of your case become too complicated for you to understand is when you should get a Palm Beach County Florida workers’ compensation lawyer. Below are some sample situations that should prompt you to find an attorney.

  1. Your Employer has Declined your Claim, or You’re Not Receiving Compensation Promptly

It’s not uncommon for employers and workers’ comp insurers to decline workers’ injury claims despite the truthfulness of the injuries involved. It’s estimated that as much 80% of workers injured on the job simply accept having their claim turned down without even making an appeal. A West Palm Beach work injury lawyer can help ensure your rights are protected and that you get a fair settlement for your injuries.

  1. Your Settlement Doesn’t Cover All Medical Bills and Lost Wages

Many workers make the mistake of relying on the workers’ compensation judge’s decision over their settlement offer instead of seeking a fair claim. – Most judges tend to approve any agreement, provided the offer isn’t blatantly unfair. Still, you owe it yourself to seek a fair settlement, which is where a West Palm Beach work injury lawyer comes in.

  1. Your Injuries are Blocking your Return to Work, or Affecting your Ability to Work

If your work accident has resulted in permanent partial or total disability (common with serious back injuries), you may be entitled to receive a significant single lump sum or weekly payments for the rest of your life to compensate for lost wages and a reduced quality of life. Cases like these are highly complicated and expensive on the part of insurance companies, which is why it’s necessary to have the best workers’ compensation lawyer Palm Beach County has to offer at your side.

  1. Your Employer is Giving you a Hard Time at Work for Filing a Work Injury Claim

If your boss has demoted you, lowered your salary, reduced your hours, fired you, or subjected you to any kind of discrimination for filing a work injury claim, get a Palm Beach County Florida workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

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