My Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Won’t Pay For My Medications – What Do I Do?

Florida law requires that your employer’s – workers’ compensation – company pay 100% of all medications prescribed by an authorized workers’ compensation doctor. But at our Palm Beach Gardens, FL offices, the lawyers at Franks, Koenig, and Neuwelt find that this level of comprehensive treatment is not always the case.

Workers’ Compensation Complications in Florida

We routinely receive calls from distraught, upset and frustrated clients who can’t get their – medications. Some injured workers have told – us that they had to pay for their medications while others tell us that the pharmacy denied them medications because their doctors are not approved by workers’ compensation insurance. We have seen medications that have been denied for months, have seen pharmacies that refuse to give medication because workers’ compensation fails to pay them for the medication and even seen medication denied by workers’ compensation in the hours following a surgery.

This is not how workers’ compensation in Florida should work. Workers’ compensation should be a self-executing system that automatically provides you with the care you need: you get sent to a doctor, the doctor recommends medicine and you go get the medicine. Unfortunately, this sort of – comprehensive and straightforward treatment – not always reality – under workers’ compensation in Florida.

Reality and Florida Workers’ Compensation Law

Reality in a Florida workers’ compensation case is that injured workers need an attorney to recover their benefits, including medications. We are constantly contacting adjusters, nurse case managers, pharmacies and medication service vendors to either obtain authorization for pharmacies to fill medications or to reimburse injured workers for monies they were wrongfully forced to spend.

There should be no out of pocket charges to get medication from a pharmacy if recommended by a work comp doctor. If your medications are being denied, do not delay. Contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately. If you have spent any money at all on medications that workers’ compensation should have paid for, – call us today. We have successfully obtained reimbursement for our clients when they were improperly forced to pay for medications prescribed by their workers’ compensation doctors. Let us help you too.

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