Should I Quit My Job If My Employer Does Not Have Light Duty?

The answer is no.

You should never quit your job if your employer cannot accommodate the workers’ compensation doctor’s restrictions. In Florida, the workers’ compensation carrier is required to pay indemnity benefits, or lost wages, if you are returned to work with restrictions that your employer cannot accommodate.

For example, a roofer suffers injuries to his knee and is sent back to work, but told he cannot climb ladders. While this injured worker may be able to do certain ground level activities. if their employer says that they are needed on the roof and have to climb to get there, then that employee would not be able to work.

This does not mean they would have to quit the job, nor does it mean that they are fired. What it means is that the work comp insurance company will be required to pay a certain percentage of their weekly wage. These benefits can continue for up to 260 weeks depending on the circumstance, such as a change in the injured worker’s work status or whether a job within the doctor’s restrictions becomes available.

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