Sports Injuries are Workers’ Compensation Injuries Too.

Professional athletes who are hurt at work, whether at practice, during a game or while working out during training sessions, are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under the Florida law and their collective bargaining agreements.

A sports injury is a broad term that covers accidents and injuries that are commonly reported by many professional athletes. Some of these injuries include, but are certainly not limited to: strains and sprains, knee injuries, compartment syndrome, shin splints, Achilles tendon injuries, ankle injuries, lisfranc fractures, tears of ligaments, tears of tendons, dislocated joints, fractured bones (including acute and stress fractures), shoulder injuries, repetitive trauma injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Some of the most debilitating injures result from traumatic brain and spinal cord accidents which may result in dementia, Alzheimer-like symptoms, and paralysis.

We have had the privilege of representing professional athletes from several Florida sports teams. We have experience helping these athletes to obtain the medical care, lost wages and settlement that they deserve. We understand what goes on when a player goes from the highlight reels to the injured reserve list. We are dedicated to helping Florida’s injured professional and semi-professional players recover the benefits available under the law.

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