What is an IME and Why Am I Being Sent There?

In Florida’s workers’ compensation system an independent medical examiner is used by either party to obtain a medical opinion that is admissible in court or at trial. An IME is not a doctor who will treat you or provide you care. An IME physician is used by the workers’ compensation insurance company when they want to deny benefits. This will typically occur after you are sent to a workers’ compensation doctor who recommends expensive medical care or surgery and work comp doesn’t want to pay. They then hire an IME doctor who will give them an opinion that they can rely on to deny care that their doctor, the one they selected, considers to be medically necessary and related to your workplace accident.

The law in Florida requires that when your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier schedules an IME appointment the injured worker must attend the appointment. If you fail to attend you may be liable for a percentage of the IME’s charges. When you see the IME, you will probably be asked questions about your past medical history, current problems you relate to the workplace injury and any other information the IME considers important.

When the insurance company sends you to an IME, they will be relying on that opinion to deny your claim or claim for treatment. The way to fight these doctor’s opinions is to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Your attorney will be able to present your own medical expert opinions that attack the insurance company’s IME and present your case in the light most favorable to you. If you are being sent to an IME by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company, contact one of our dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys right away. Your claim and your right to receive medical and lost wage benefits may be at risk.

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