What to do when Workers’ Compensation Fails to Respond

  • By Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt
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After being hurt at work the first thing you want is medical care and assurances your lost wages will be paid until you are able to return to work. Unfortunately, most insurance companies care more about saving money than spending it on you.As you watch your bills pile up, the insurance company is taking their time investigating the accident. This can place an incredible burden on both your finances and state of mind as you are left to waiting for both a doctor’s appointment and a check for time missed from work. It may feel like pursuing your workers’ compensation benefits has turned into a full-time job. – Without an attorney, many injured employees are left for weeks or months without the appropriate care they need.Here at The Law Offices of Franks & Koenig we are experienced in dealing with the insurance companies and obtaining medical care and lost wages. We can help you with the process of obtaining medical treatment and lost wages, a process that is nearly impossible to navigate alone. – Also, many insurance companies will attempt to settle with you directly for an amount that is completely unreasonable. – In almost every case, having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will ensure that you are not being taken advantage of by the insurance company.