When is the Right Time to Settle?

There is only one person who can determine when it is the right time to settle a workers’ compensation case. And that is you.

We are workers’ compensation lawyers in West Palm Beach with more than 80 years combined experience. And we have all seen the difficulty some clients face when trying to decide when they should settle.

There are many reasons why injured workers are ready to move on and leave the workers’ compensation arena. For some, a job opportunity arises that will provide new insurance; for others a family member can provide alternative access to better healthcare; and others simply hit that age when Medicare begins.

Many more times, our workers compensation lawyers in West Palm Beach see injured workers who have obtained the most care they feel they can receive under the workers’ compensation system. These injured workers have decided that they have had enough and are ready to settle their claims. These are the people who would like to return to work, but cannot due to their workplace injury. Unfortunately, many who fall into this category suffer permanent injuries and may never be able to get back to their pre injury condition. To receive care without improvement is the same as receiving no care at all.

So when should you settle? Again, we say that is up to you, but – we know that doesn’t sufficiently answer the question. The answer is, “it depends.”

Ok, that doesn’t really answer the question either. But it does put you on the right path, leading you to the following ideas: What do you want? Do you want to get better, but dislike the work comp doctors? Do you have alternative means of medical care? If you have insurance, can you afford the medical care you need now? Can you afford the medical care you need now if you do not have insurance? Who will pay your lost wages if you settle and are out of work? How will you get to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions? Is it better to have surgery through work comp or outside work comp? Is it better to settle a workers’ compensation case before or after you have surgery?

When you find yourself asking these questions, you know it is time to consult a work injury lawyer in West Palm Beach.

Once you start getting to the right questions, a dedicated workers compensation lawyer in West Palm Beach can help you find the right answers. No matter how many questions you have, it is our job to help you find the answers. Once you are equipped with the knowledge and information we have gathered over the years, you can make an educated decision as to how best to proceed with your workers’ compensation claim and decide when it is the right time for you to settle your work comp claim.

If you have questions about your work injury settlement, contact the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt today.