Why Doesn’t My Workers’ Compensation Doctor Believe Me?

When you are hurt, you look to your doctor to help you. However, in Florida’s workers’ compensation system, many doctors are not technically your doctor. In reality, they are the insurance company’s doctor. Due to this reason, many work comp doctors are more interested in keeping the insurance company happy so that they will continue to provide them with new patients. What this can mean to you, the injured worker, is that you can get returned to work too early, not receive appropriate studies like MRI’s or nerve testing and not receive the full extent of care that you might be offered outside Florida’s workers’ compensation system.We understand how frustrating it can be to get hurt at work and be told by the insurance company’s doctor that there is nothing wrong with you; or worse, that you have a preexisting injury and that is the cause of your problem. This is a favorite “go-to” opinion of the work comp doctor. What this really means is that the workers’ compensation insurance company can deny your case because, as they see it, the reason you need care isn’t the 10 foot fall from the ladder, or the car accident you got into, but rather something that was in your back or neck or knee that you never knew about, never complained of and never sought treatment for in your life.

Not all doctors who provide care in the workers’ compensation system are like this. Many are caring and dedicated medical providers who try to help you get the best medical treatment possible. However, when you get the bad apples, it can affect your case for the worse. Don’t let an insurance company doctor ruin your claim or blame your injury and need for treatment on a condition that hasn’t caused you a day of pain in your life.

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