Why is My Case Not Moving Faster?

As Palm Beach Gardens workers’ compensation lawyers we see how frustrating and aggravating it can be to be injured on the job.

There are very few things worse than being hurt and having to rely on work comp to provide medical care and lost wages. Knowing medical care can be provided if only work comp would pick up the phone and call to get you into the doctor is not what you want to deal with when hurt at work.

Unfortunately, you are not a priority to work comp and getting you that MRI, prescription or test just isn’t something high on their to-do list. You may have even been sent to their doctor who recommended surgery, but the workers comp providers just drag their feet, delay medical care and even deny your surgery, so that they can hire an expert to say you don’t need the surgery that the doctor initially said you needed.

An experienced Palm Beach County work injury compensation lawyer is your best weapon when dealing with the workers’ compensation insurance industry. When represented by a work injury lawyer, you are ensuring that your injury is taken seriously and that the insurance company will not take advantage of you.

Workers’ Compensation insurance is set up so that medical care and lost wages are paid after you have been hurt at work. However, many changes in the law have created a situation where it can be cheaper to deny benefits rather than provide them.

Who will you have on your side when work comp fails to do what is right?

A dedicated and aggressive workers’ compensation lawyer is experienced in dealing with work comp adjusters and knows how to fight them when they play their games. We know you need medical care and lost wages now, not next week or next month or next year. Let us help you when you have been involved in a workplace accident. We will deal with the work comp carriers while you concentrate on getting better and back to work.

After being hurt at work, report your claim. Then seek immediate medical care. Then call a work injury compensation lawyer.

A work injury lawyer is prepared to go to court if necessary to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled under the law.

We can help provide you with the advice to put your case on the right track, go forward and not remain stuck in limbo. Your health and welfare is your first priority; it should be work comp’s number one priority as well. If you need medical care, lost wages or help deciding what to do with a workers’ compensation case, call the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt today.