Why Won’t The Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Adjuster Authorize My Medications?

Authorization of medications is simple to provide and easy to authorize for a Florida workers’ compensation insurance company. All they need is a doctor’s name and a copy of the prescription and the workers’ compensation adjuster can either fax authorization directly to the pharmacy or have an authorized vendor send in the ok.

Unfortunately, we hear on an almost daily basis how injured workers cannot obtain their medications and are often forced to pay out of pocket to get the medicine they need. When a workers’ compensation adjuster fails to provide authorization for medications, a timely response is essential. It may take some time to get the authorization processed. If there is a problem getting your medications from the pharmacy, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to intervene on your behalf right away.

An injured worker should never have to pay out of pocket for medications prescribed by an authorized workers’ compensation doctor. We make sure that any monies that were expended by our clients to pay for medications are reimbursed by the insurance company. We also ensure that the problem is corrected so the next time an injured worker goes to get their medications they are provided without delay or cost to the client.

There is no reason why you should not have the medications you need after being injured at work in Florida. If you feel that your medications are being withheld, or if you paid out of pocket for medications that you feel workers’ compensation should have paid for, call us right away.