Workers’ Compensation Injuries in Florida: What Do You Mean by Preexisting?

In Florida, the laws are written in such a fashion that allows workers’ compensation doctors to say that the need for treatment following an accident is not the injury itself, but rather a preexisting injury or condition. The problem is that the injured worker never knew that they had a prior injury or condition and most likely never had any pain before being hurt at work.

We hear this all the time. It is something that workers’ compensation doctors do when they do not want to provide further care. This

Not all doctors who take workers’ compensation patients are like this. Many are fair and thorough and will do all that they can to help injured workers. However, when faced with a workers’ compensation doctor who has no interest in helping you, it is time to help yourself. This will require you to obtain an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. The longer you delay, the worse it can get when it comes to obtaining alternative medical care.

Don’t let the bad apples deter you from obtaining the medical care to which you are entitled. You deserve to treat with doctors who care about you and not just about the almighty dollar. If you feel your workers’ compensation doctor is not giving you a chance, contact us right away. We are here to help you get the best care possible under Florida’s workers’ compensation legal system.