Changing Your Doctor Under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law

The reasons to request a new doctor vary; some clients feel they are made to wait for hours in an office only to spend five minutes with their doctor, other clients feel as though no matter what they say their doctor is not interested in their complaints and still other clients feel their doctors are just plain rude.

Though these are all valid reasons to not want to return to a doctor, Florida’s workers’ compensation laws are very specific and using a change in doctor can drastically affect not only the medical treatment being provided now and in the future, but also the case value when it comes time to talk settlement.

While the workers’ compensation insurance companies are happy to give you a new doctor, the question is whether the injured worker would be better off using the change at that time or waiting for a better opportunity. Factors to consider prior to using a change include who will be selecting the new doctor, who will that individual select as the new doctor, what treatment is (or is not) being offered prior to asking for the new doctor and what other options are available prior to using the change.

The experienced Florida workers’ compensation injury lawyers handle issues like these on a regular basis and are ready to help if you are unhappy with the doctor assigned to you by the insurance company. Our goal is to help advise you how to proceed to maximize the benefits available to you under the law. If you or a loved one has been hurt at work, one of the dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of Franks & Koenig is waiting to speak with you for a free and confidential consultation.

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