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Fort Lauderdale Work Injury Lawyer | Fort Lauderdale Work Injury Compensation LawyerIf you ever feel threatened after being hurt at work, call an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. The work comp adjusters may think they can scare an injured worker, but they know better than to try that with a work injury lawyer.

Insurance companies may try to trick, fool or scare injured workers out of their Florida workers’ compensation cases. This typically happens after the injury is reported and an investigator or initial adjuster gets the file. They know that if they can somehow convince you not to proceed with the case they look good and it’s a win for the carrier.

Our Fort Lauderdale work injury compensation lawyers have heard many stories, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you think you might be getting the run around from work comp. If anything, you should be upset at how they treat you and how they are trying to get out of providing the care and lost wages that they are required to provide by law.

We had an injured worker call because they had been hurt at work and were getting care from a work comp clinic and therapist. The injured worker never had an x-ray and was forced to have the therapy, or as the adjuster advised, they would be medically non-compliant and could have their case shut down. When the injured worker went to the therapy, the therapist asked if x-rays were provided and couldn’t believe that they had not. The therapist told the injured worker that the therapy could do more harm than good and advised the injured worker to return to the clinic. Upon their return, the clinician got mad that the therapy didn’t happen and released the injured worker.

If this type of behavior happens to you, or someone you know, do not hesitate to call one of our dedicated workers’ compensation lawyers today. We are used to adjusters taking every advantage of injured workers and sending them to doctors who just don’t seem to care about helping those who are hurt at work.

There are more examples of adjusters taking advantage of an injured worker. Our Fort Lauderdale work injury lawyers can tell you about the times adjusters will threaten clients with closed cases if they don’t sign forms, give recorded statements or release records. While there may come a time in a case where certain documents must be signed and certain records released, that does not mean that an injured worker has to do exactly what the adjuster says and if they don’t their case will be lost forever.

Only under very specific circumstances and situations can an injured worker find their case closed forever. If you are worried that something you, or the adjuster, has done may jeopardize your case, call one of our workers’ compensation lawyers for a free and confidential consultation. We can tell you if you have anything to worry about. And if you do, we will fight the workers’ compensation carrier and help you get the medical care and lost wages you deserve.

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