How to Ruin Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

There are many things you can do to preserve your ability to receive medical care and lost wage benefits when hurt at work in Florida. There are also many important pitfalls that you should avoid. As experienced workers compensation attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens FL, we think it best to keep these actions in mind following an accident at work:

Don’t delay. You have a limited time period in which to report an injury to your employer. There are key individuals, besides your Palm Beach Gardens FL workers compensation lawyer, to whom you must advise of an accident, injury or mishap. Even if the accident was 100% caused by the employer, and not your fault, failure to comply with essential timeframes and report standards will result in a denial of your case. – You can’t just tell a coworker and that you hurt your neck lifting the other day and hope it counts. Make certain you comply with reporting requirements to preserve your work comp injury benefits.

Don’t trust your employer to do the right thing. We all like to think that our jobs and our bosses have our backs. But in the real world, they don’t. They have their own backs, not yours. You may be the favorite employee, and have your picture on the break room wall as Employee of the Month for the past twelve months; but if you are not able to be a productive member of the team, you are of no use to the company. Don’t rely on your bosses to help. They won’t stick their necks out for you. Similarly, don’t expect your company to do the right thing. They can be fined for failing to comply with Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws. They certainly won’t have a problem forgetting that an accident was reported or that a doctor’s note was dropped off. Protect yourself and ensure you receive the medical care and lost wages you deserve.

Don’t tell a lie when dealing with work comp. In Florida, workers’ compensation insurance companies love to shut down cases by catching injured workers in a lie. Be honest to doctors, to judges, in deposition and when discussing your case. Your credibility is what a judge will rely on when a tie breaker is before them. Do they believe you? Are you credible? Does your story make sense? If you are caught in a lie, if you are found to have misrepresented your past, if the judge thinks you are trying to scam the system, then they will find in the insurance company’s favor and you will lose.

Don’t throw in the towel. The insurance companies love to drag their feet, delay in providing treatment and hope you will give and drop the case or settle on the cheap. Stay strong, stand firm and don’t give up. You have rights and you deserve everything allowable under the law. Obtaining medical care and lost wages can take time when hurt at work. Be patient and let your attorney help guide you where you want to go.

Don’t delay in hiring an experienced Palm Beach Gardens FL workers’ compensation attorney. No one else will help after being hurt at work. The best way to help your self is to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Having an attorney who knows the law will make the adjuster and insurance company respect you and think twice before trying to take advantage of you while you are hurt and in need.

Remember, if you are hurt at work, Florida’s workers’ compensation laws are meant to pay for your medical care, lost wages and the benefits to which you are entitled. – If you are hurt at work, protect yourself and your family. Don’t make a mistake that could cost what you need the most Contact the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt today.